Selective annotated short Bibliography – Sudan and Burma:

McLevie, John.
A Booklet for Volunteers; Trying to Survive in San Diego.
Published for St. Luke’s Refugee Network by Delta Press, 2007. Information on ordering this booklet

Deng, Francis M.
War of Visions: Conflict of Identities in the Sudan. 1995. The Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

Note: The Brookings Institution commissioned this study of the Sudanese civil war. It formulates an hypothesis that could be applied to many cultural struggles when powerful cultures impose their ideologies on others.
Deng, Francis Mading.
The Cry of the Owl. 1989. Lilian Barber Press, New York.

Note: By the same author as the previous academic study. An enjoyable and informative novel about the transition that educated men made from their ancestral villages to the political and social life under Arab cultural norms in Khartoum.
Deng, Benson, Deng, Alephonsion and Ajak, Benjamin.
Edited by Judith Bernstein. They Poured Fire on us from the Sky. 2005. Public Affairs, New York.

Note: Written by three Lost Boys living in San Diego. Each boy tells of his boyhood flight from the war that destroyed his village and his family.
Thant Myint-U.
The River of Lost Footsteps. 2006. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux. New York.
Note: The author is the grand-son of U Thant, former U.N. Secretary General and holds degrees from Cambridge and Harvard and works for the U.N. A knowledgeable and easy to read account of the foundations of Burma’s history leading to its travails today.
Smith, Martin.
Burma:Insurgency and Politics of Ethnicity. The White Lotus, Bangkok, 1991, revised 1999. Note: This book is a detailed study by a journalist and writer about Burma’s past. It is also a careful reporting of the country’s mixture of politics and strong arm ruling groups.

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