How is The Episcopal Refugee Network funded?

By your charity donations

The Need for Donations

The operation of The Episcopal Refugee Network now costs $200,000 a year. This is a large amount to be raised by an organization that depends on donations.

One of our greatest worries is that we have no established endowments or guarantees that next year we can raise enough money to cover staff salaries and expenses.

It makes it so difficult to plan ahead! We cannot afford to hire a grant-writer to help with financial support appeals to the large-scale donors who have probably never heard of us!

Every dollar given directly benefits a refugee and helps her or him to become a better-educated and salaried American Citizen.

We welcome financial assistance from persons and organizations that share our concern for the refugees. Sudanese and Burmese refugees have been settled in just a few cities in the U.S. so this project is not well known outside of those selected sites. We really depend on San Diego support.

photo of people carrying supplies

We depend heavily on support from individual donors who share our concerns.

Majur recieving a check
Mary Mills, Chair of Outreach Activities at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Carlsbad and Dr. Dennis Huckabee recently visited the new office of The Episcopal Refugee Network at 4265 Fairmount Avenue #130 to present a check from their church members to support the emergency service work of The Episcopal Refugee Network.

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