RefugeeNet is an agency committed to the support of refugees in San Diego.

Families have relocated here to escape religious, racial, and economic persecution. They have been forced from their homelands, becoming international religious or political refugees. Our goal is to welcome them and assist them in becoming productive citizens of this country.

Refugees have been arriving in significant numbers in California at least since the Vietnam war

San Diegans have helped to support their transition and make our community a better place because of their presence.

The mission of RefugeeNet is to support the education of refugees in San Diego County.

We provide programs to equip refugees in our midst, from preschool through adulthood, to become self-reliant, engaged, and contributing citizens of this country.

In their effort to escape war or persecution, refugees may experience a life-or-death struggle to reach a UN Refugee Camp. There they wait for years for approval to go to a safe home in San Diego, where they face further challenges. These include learning a new language, adapting to a new culture, and finding a way to support themselves. RefugeeNet is dedicated to assisting refugees in that process. The Episcopal Refugee Network is a non-profit organization that has been helping the refugee community for over 20 years.